Massachusetts drivers are used to paying high car insurance rates. Our average annual premium is over $1,600 compared to the U.S. average of about $900.

Auto insurance rates in MassachusettsDespite high premium prices, you can help control rate hikes by proactively comparing rates to ensure your current carrier is the cheapest available.

Companies change rates frequently to adjust for market conditions, and the low rate you received a couple of years ago may now be one of the higher ones on the market today.

Making a habit of comparing prices every year is a great way to keep rates low and guarantee you're not overpaying. A recent study found that the average Massachusetts driver could save 41% a year if they just shopped around.

Don't let brand loyalty cost you more for auto insurance than you have to pay. There may be substantially cheaper companies available right now, and the only way to know is if you compare prices and find more competitive rates.

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